The Art of Herding Sales Cats

If businesses hired animals instead of people, we would all hire dogs. They are loyal. They come to you when you call them. They look lovingly in your eyes for any acknowledgement. Pat them on the head and they will jump for joy and give you a nice wet kiss.

Dogs would simply love working for you and do whatever you ask them to do. Fetch!

Business owners would never hire cats! They lie around most of the day, often sleeping on the job. They look on you with disdain if you ask them to do something. The minute you stop watching them, they are doing something to get in trouble and break something.

Unfortunately, sales people are cats. You don’t quite understand them. They don’t seem to do much. When they do, there is usually a mess to clean up. They creep you out when they want something with their purring and rubbing up against you.

At Marconix, we specialize in herding sales cats.

We understand the breed. We know how to get them off the couch. We know how to keep them from causing too much trouble. We know how to handle their mood swings from total excitement to complete depression and to bring them back in focus on their purpose – to sell something!

Herding sales cats is an art. While we take great pride in our mastering the art of herding sales cats, we also recognize that REAL ARTISTS SHIP, so we apply deep science to our art as well.


The Science of Sales Management

2010. No, not the novel of a totalitarian future society.

2010 is when the journey that became Marconix Sales and Marketing began. Along the way, we built a nationwide Sales and Marketing network. We generated businesses for our clients. Planned and advocate over 70 sales and marketing processes and then stopped counting. We consulted with hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries, ranging from Fortune 100’s to the smallest of start-ups.

In 2012, we launched Marconix Sales and Marketing Outsourcing. Why? Because what we were doing simply wasn’t enough to drive sales results for our clients. We needed to do more. Marconix became your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), with accountability for your sales results.

Regardless of how much we do in marketing planning, automation and execution, we will never forget our roots in sales and sales management. We understand that NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL SOMEBODY SELLS SOMETHING and firmly believe that is what a sales and marketing company should be all about – sales results!

What have we learned about sales and sales management?

  • Process: First, the profession of sales lacks discipline. There is a very weak commitment to executing the fundamentals of selling. We bring that discipline to every one of our client relationships. We design the optimum sales process for their business. We measure it. We analyze it. We improve it. We control it. We bring a scientific yet practical discipline to driving sales results.
  • People: Second, sales is “people buying from people.” We apply the same rigor and discipline to the sales people we manage for our clients as we do to the process. We recruit and select only the best available talent. We train continuously. We relentlessly work on the inner game of selling in motivating each sales person. Last but not least, we hold our sales people accountable for sales results.


Science, Art and Driving Your Sales Results

– Mitesh Gandhi


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