Marconix Inc manages on-ground promotion for Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice

IMG-20141228-WA0151 IMG-20141228-WA0056 IMG-20141228-WA0057 IMG-20141228-WA0060 IMG-20141228-WA0097 IMG-20141228-WA0128 IMAG0249

Adding a Daawat’s touch to the Big Bazar rice festival, LT Foods decided to do a promotion in all major Big Bazar and communicate its benefits. Targeted specifically on retail consumers, Marconix Marketing and Sales (I) Pvt Ltd, one of the India’s leading experiential marketing agency, was roped in for this activity. The aim of the activity was not only to educate people about the goodness of biryani basmati rice, but also tell them about its taste, appearance and cooking time.

Conceptualized and executed by Marconix Marketing and Sales Pvt. Ltd. and Associates’, the campaign carried out at all major Big Bazar outlets in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai was designed to give people a taste of Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice, through exclusively prepared Biryani.

Biryani using exotic ingredients with Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice were cooked and served. To add a little excitement to the activity, promoters dressed as chefs invited people to taste Biryani Basmati Rice. The activity convinced many people to switch to Daawat biryani basmati rice as they were left astonished with taste of rice.  A live cooking counter was also setup to demonstrate the biryani cooking. Biryani was cooked in front of people, which was nothing short of a surprise for people.

To encourage people to buy the rice, special offers on packs were offered to people coming at the Big Bazar and tasting the rice. Over this four weekend activity, Marconix and Associates’ are projecting for more than 15000 people for sampling the rice and will be encouraged to switch to Daawat biryani basmati rice.



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