Mahindra Zerch brings you the Best deals for Brands as well as Brand users.


Zerch introduced by Mahindra is an application available in Google Play and App store that enables users to enjoy exclusive offers. Customers get charmed by the exclusive offers they obtain through Zerch in food, apparels, beauty and health, electronics and almost all brands. It has got flavored responses from brands as well as consumers in cities like Bangalore and Delhi-NCR.  Various brands like café coffee day, Burger king, Pizza hut, different salons and many more brands has shown their interest to work with Zerch and has been enjoying  an awesome customer response due to the exclusive offers the customers consume through this application.

This application gives its customers services that keep on updating itself with new offers within each and every changed location of the mobile handler. Zerch gives its users the information about various exclusive offers in the locality of the user. The information keeps on updating itself as soon as the place of the mobile user gets updated. The Application Zerch is such an app that provides convenience and profit to both consumers and brands. It is expanding its offers day by day. It lets the customers to obtain offers from the branded products through the app and sellers get more number of customers being charmed by the offers on the App. It is an ever trustworthy app through which users can install anytime and get used to it saving their wallet load as well as getting to know the discounts prevailing in various new brands in the market with huge exclusive propoundment.

Zerch is the media that carries your business information to customers away from your business place. And in case brands really deal huge number of offers through Zerch, then this app brings immense number of customers to the brands. It is an application helpful to both sellers and buyers providing hands to both the parties. It is a customer catcher friend for the brands and a deal finder for the customers. It makes shopping as well as selling easier from both the sides.

This application even makes the offline small businesses available to the internet shoppers also. We make it able for all the customers to know about the offers in various brands in their area and the nearby areas. It will allow the brands to reach out the remote users in remote places too. The promotion of this app is done both online through digital marketing as well as offline through face to face field marketing, so that customers get to know about it and reach out the brands with the Zerch offers resulting in high selling of products, hence getting used to favorable user behavior. Brands interested to work with Mahindra Zerch and enjoy high availability of customers are always most welcomed. We will be glad to have a work time together.


Madhushree Bharati,

Media Analyst,

Marconix Inc, Bangalore.

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Are you a start up or a business worrying about marketing of your product ?Now hope for the best,we are here happy to help you out.

Marconix Inc is an organization always in the saddle for full-blown support to organizations of almost all industries or any startup in promoting and grubstaking their product in the market.
We are a well planned strategic and strongly aimed organization organized to nourish our clients so that they are in beyond shadow of achieving their obvious targets. When it comes to developing a product and selling it, the amount of energy, time and interest organizations use to develop and build the product is seen to be much more as compared to the effort given in marketing the product. This is seen to be a very lacking factor in many of the organizations. Production and promotion are hand in hand processes that should be given interest simultaneously.
Marconix Inc marketing Outsourcing implement processes that creates awareness among customers and with the help of its strong resources, it helps its clients in reaping high targets with leading gimmick.
Marconix Inc helps the clients in discovering huge targets and grasping them with its quality resources by creating range of interest in the market.
With a lesser amount of budget, together with great customer relations and customer satisfaction we the family of Marconix Inc are always skilled and made ever ready to assuring the people we work with by increasing our focus towards the clients, hence letting our clients charm huge number of customers. All these are done by fructifying the perspectives the organizations prefer to see in their marketing province’s exponential graph by knuckling down into the best marketing tactics, including below the level marketing, retail marketing, integrated sales and marketing, etc.
If you are such an organization wanting to proliferate your product and ideas in the crowded market hurry to reach us now.

Miss Madhushree Bharati
Media Analyst,
Marconix Inc.
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