Marconix is an organization that believes in the need for exponential evolution as a means to survive and grow.The company was started with a vision of providing a range of highly customized solutions for businesses and individuals to help reach their peak. The company will look forward to working in close synergy with organizations and building relations to serve in their most critical functions and daily affairs rather than in one off solution provision. Time is a highly valued commodity and must be utilized to its full potential. In today’s world of fiber optics and proton accelerators, the human race is moving very close to the speed of light.This applies to the consumer, society, market place and more critically the competition. All our services will enable better utilization of time and resource, and aim at increasing the pace of growth. We will serve all requirements which will help an individual, product, company or maybe even a country evolve and move up to a higher strata in its life cycle, at a faster pace.

What We Do
One Team – One Goal: Teaching Customers to Buy Your Products

Our tagline is “We Run So You can be No.1” 

How We Can Help

Right now, you may not even know you need MARCONIX, or even be aware that outsourcing marketing & sales is an option. We’ve been at this for a long time, with an incredible track record, and we can say, definitively, Marconix will provide a return on your investment leaps and bounds above what you expect. We are a team of experts, able to aid you with a devoted marketing & sales force in retail engagements and channel expansion, performance assessment, plan formation and execution, and market research.

We help clients deliver their sales messages to customers using promotional channels that work better and cost less than ads. We do this by sending your sales message through promotional channels that are more in line with the way customers absorb information, like promotion campaign, perusing the Internet, mystery shopping or attending a workshop, etc. It’s remarkable how quickly and efficiently customers can be taught about products when you have their full attention. We have been helping clients repackage their advertising messages as sales-rich stories. Our publicists have arranged many product news stories, our technology team creates persuasive websites and social media connections, and our events staff members are experts at showcasing products in front of crowds. We offer a full range of services that will transform your advertising message into something more dynamic and convincing than ads.

Put our team in place, and upgrade your sales and marketing engine with Marconix.


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